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HONWEB CORP is committed to understanding the mission and vision of our client's business to create an effective brand and with all of our resources implement a real value per dollar marketing, advertising and promotional plan.


HONWEB clients will gain control of the ever changing endeavor of marketing their business. By making the processies organized and simplified the production of any business' BRAND, COLLATERAL, WEBSITE, AND MARKETING PLANS will take less time and money, thus saving our clients a great deal in the process. All of our clients will be given the tools that they will need to secure and maintain effective market share.


Unlike traditional marketing and advertising firms, the Honweb Team really thinks outside of the box. Offering exceptional creativity in design and functionality. We promise to maintain an open and flexible capacity to work with the clients ideas to effectively create an end result that incorporates the clients vision within the professional brand we've been hired to craft.Honweb works with a variety of small to mid-size and larger companies across a broad selection of industries, regardless of the size of a project. The Honweb team will evaluate your goals, needs, resources and constraints, then custom tailor a project or retainer-based solution that most effectively works for your organization.


Honweb has been in the Honolulu information/media market for the better part of two decades, representing many different segments of the business community; the automotive industry (NISSAN) , grocery (Times Supermarkets), food service and distribution (HFM Food Service), restaurant industry (Hawaii Restaurant Association), television (Hawaii Stars), publishing (Aloha Diners Club), retail (French Gourmet), commercial (DTRIC Insurance), real estate (Century 21 Hawaii), tourism (Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays), and many more. Honweb maintains a leading edge business advantage by constantly researching new technologies; developing new opportunities, integrating cutting-edge services and products, creating efficient and cost-effective solutions.


The Honweb experienced team of marketing, advertising, publishing, graphic design, programming and sales professionals comprise some of the most dynamic talent anywhere. They capable of managing every aspect of your account; from photography, graphic design, text content, programming, video, SEO, printing and publishing. The Honweb Team wont stop working your solutions until youre satisfied with the results.