Your a company that has a website and you have no idea what to do with it. With almost 200,000,000 websites with Google searching over ONE Trillion web pages [YES THAT'S A "T"] it's no wonder how technology must change to just keep up with demand. So you see keeping your website interactive with the world is extremely important if you want to improve your foot print in todays economy. In the recent past with the crash of the world's economy we as a whole have looked to more creative ways to get our brands out there. The days of dumping money into radio, in print, and on TV are gone. Now all advertising has to be measurable. The internet was born to has measurement capabilities. The web is still in it's infancy and will continue to grow like my giant 15 year old son. If you feed it good food and make them exercise everyday they will take on their own challenges and soon will take care of themselves [hopefully letting us back in their lives every once and a while]. Now this may seem crazy, but if you build a website that is interactive and interesting the friends of viewers will tell their friend and soon you will have the viral effect. Everyone is looking for the next best idea. It may be one of yours. Don't let anyone tell you your idea is "dumb". The best ideas may seem dumb now but everything changes.... EVERYDAY.

Now let's get back to your IDEA. How will the web help you get the word out. As seen in the amount of web pages out there you can't help feel the competition in your own back yard. Start by doing something, anything. We tell our clients to put the name of their website on everything they print, say and advertise on the radio and newspapers. Give them a reason to go there and once they go there give them a reason to stay. Information is cheap if your expertise is the reason that they would hire you in the first place. Create a blog that tells the consumer why you are good at what you do. If you are a carpenter you may want to tell your audience that if you oil your hard wood furniture once a month it will increase it's life by 30%. It's all about information. Take your expertise to the pages of the "WORLD WIDE WEB".