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Posts from 2010-08-11

Move Over Postal service

USPS is showing its age.

The United States Postal service has just announced that it doesn't know if it will be able to opperate in 2011 with the significant losses that is continues to endure. Check this article out:

If you ask me the USPS is too big to make changes fast enough to keep up with the advances in technology. Businesses are more apt to send articles through email and day to day coversations take place through the social medias. If the Post Office doesn't get on the ball in the coming months they will cease to exist as we know them. It's all about communication, communication, communication. The process by which we communicate has changed dramatically.

I still send packages to my customers and I still send out some billing via the postal service, but in the comming years that will change. In the, not too distant future you won't be able to send a simple letter in a day or 2 for 44 cents[note:What's really funny is I just googled the cost....WOW].

What's also pushing the out the USPS is how everyone is going green and paying bills through the web. Let's also look at commercial for the credit card companies. They make using cash an "old" way of making a transaction, never mind writing a check. So make sure your company is starting to pave the way into a new generation of communication. Twitter, Google, Facebook aren't about to move over anytime soon. Get going and make your marketing fun and inviting through the technology of TODAY!