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Posts from 2010-09-27

Link Building

Building links between you and the related community is highly important. To do this you must make the content of your site rich and robust and to continue to improve what you have in the "Meat" of your text. Stay away from the fluff. Fluff won't make it in the real world. The keywords that you use in your everyday language should be at the very least mentioned in what you write about. Search engines are looking for content rich subjects with ideas and up-to-date perspectives on topics. It has been recently determined that marketers engaged in digital marketing channels plan to focus on link building as their highest priority over the next 12 months, with added focus on such details as remarketing, landing-page clutter and transactional email, according to a survey conducted by website conversion company SeeWhy Inc.

Among the 221 marketers responding to the online poll conducted in July, 42% stated that link building will be their top search engine optimization focus over the next 12 year. Making Web pages more user-friendly was cited as a top focus by 22%.The poll also found that 21% plan to focus on social media integration within their websites, which SeeWhy characterized as “unexpectedly high” and “cutting-edge stuff” for SEO in driving traffic.

So you see, the access to information is changing at an accelerated rate. I have a son that loves to skateboard. He fell in love with skating from the time that he picked out his first deck. Skateboarding is a challenging venture at best and it is still in it's infantsy(just like the web). He gets frustrated everytime he cannot complete a trick successfully. I explain to him that the ONLY reason that the other guys are better than him is that they have tried and challenged themslves more than him. An average skateboarder will try a minimum of 100 tricks per day. The newer skater must catchup to the experienced skater by skating harder and more ofetn than the other guy. The same is true for Web SEO and Web Marketing. To get in front of the other people on the block you must put more time into LINK Building, Social Media Networking, and just building your network base. Start slow but pick up speed and challenge yourself more as you get better at it.