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Four color printing may be on its way out in the next 10-15 years but today effective advertising still incorporates printed "leave behind" materials. A company’s Marketing and Advertising assets are everything that an organization has in it’s arsenal for getting the word out and keeping their brand in the market. The older generation requires them and until we run out of trees (which won't happen BTW), or technology improves you will continue to see printed material in the market place. Many items have been scaled back and even replaced by a company's website but over all an effective campaign and a company's sustainability is reliant on professionally branded materials. There are certain required assets that a company must have. These are no-nonsense pieces that will only help a company to grow. Do not skimp on these, and get them done, if you have not already done so.

Business Card

Has a very simple look and feel representing the brand, Name of company, address, website address, email and phone of Company and the individual (cel). Everyone that touches a customer needs a business card. A very in expensive way to get the brand out into the market.


Brand developed with company name, address, website address, phone number.

In House brochure

An over-all look at the company and what they stand for. Highlights of the “Benefits” that the customer will experience by using the goods and services described within. The tri-fold could just as easily be a FLAT piece with rounded corners. With computers, people rarely want to carry a lot of printed materials with them(easy to lose) so simple and informative is the key. Name address dotcom information is imperative. Prices can be referred to on the web in most cases. Prices change sometimes faster than the use of the sheets or cards.

Leave Behind Brochure

The out of house brochure is very much like the in-house just with a lot more images of what your company represents and like the in-house brochure the leave behind brochure needs to be eye catching with many references to the website. This piece also needs an area to reference the salespersons contact information. A well done sticker will always work here.

Direct Mail Post Cards

Direct mail is one of the most effective ways of getting a message out to the public. It may cost a little more but with the right action statement the post cards can produce as much as 7% of what were mailed or handed out. This means that you would receive business from seven customers for every 100 post cards delivered. This is important because you can work this into the numbers as far as what the offer is and what you plan to get out of the delivery of the cards

Point Of Purchase “POP” Signs (if a retail location)

Point of Purchase displays change every so often depending what is the latest and great product or service a company offers. By planning ahead and developing 3-5 different displays that are over 6 square feet, a company may switch them out as seen fit