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Just build It... and they will come doesn't work in today's market.

The first step in creating a website worthy of your business is to decide on a platform/web based interface that incorporates a distinctive brand and design. This is called conceptualizing the website. Then the architecture is laid out by deciding on what direction the website will take the user that visits the site. Remember it's not enough to get them their(that's hard enough to start) but once they arrive at their destination(your site) wht do you want them to do now? After the decisions aremade then an Art Director specifically tought in the art of Advertising on the web and AD creation then developes the classic look of your site. It has to embody all that your company has to offer. The navigation, the brand, the overall impact has to define your BRAND.

After your site is built, then it is enabled through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), creative programming techniques and indexing on Google, Yahoo and MSN to gain market share in the virtual world. We will also incorporate discounted or even complimentary Value-Add business solutions such as; site hosting, maintenance, data base design and management, and other special IT services and systems integration. It is critical in today’s technology driven market that website architecture development employs custom creative programming to enable a company to perform tasks that were once managed by a bank of employees, or to enhance the services of a company, i.e. 24/7 online customer support. If the client requires that a routine task be managed online on a regular basis allowing the public at large to access 24/7 online user-friendly tools to interact with client’s website. HWC will build any combination of control panel features to accommodate your needs, to accommodate your customer’s needs. Your CMS, content management system, we be custom built with all of your needed capabilities so that you and your staff will be able to change, delete, and add content to your site.